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Gen Y suxxx

Reddit has become juvenile and pedantic. Tumblr is petty and toxic. My generation sucks if this is the best we can do with this marvelous tool that is the internet. 

huh, someone from SF lurked my blog. Apparently they came from google to my post about celeste. If you are back, hi! could you please drop me a message real quick? thanks :) maybe we can hang out.

flower macro set

Plant with aphids. missed focus on the highlight, on the first one, but the second I like.
Related: I got a ring flash for my lens. I plan on starting to make this a much more regular (macro) blog 

I appear to have run out of hope for my romance seeking engine. Oh well. I’m sure time will refill my tanks.

Dreams-the sleepy kind

I really love dreams, but sometimes they just aren’t worth it. I had a really fantastic dream last night; it was better than any movie, but it left me with emotional hangovers that are equally more intense. It wasn’t a bad dream at all, I love the escape of falling for someone and the dream was quite thrilling. But as a result I have felt sad and unmotivated all day, which sucks because I have been busy as a bee all day.

The bigger problem is that this happens all to often. I have an action-packed dream about falling for a girl about once a week. Last nights was a particularly lucid and vivd dream, but they often leave me feeling meek and unmotivated. It sucks.

It seems

so rare for me to find people who will actually hit me up. When I tell people this, I typically get told that I should wait for people to message me back, so as not to appoint myself the conversation initiator.

The fact of that matter is that I am always starting conversations, and only very rarely does someone come along who will start conversations with me. If I held other peoples standards I would be a hell of a lot less social.

I don’t know what it is about me that makes me so uninteresting, but it makes me sad.

I wrote this up last night before bed, and fell asleep with it typed.

on a side note, I need to find a new and better website. I liked reddit when I found out about it a bit over 3 years ago, but since then it has become over run with sheeple. I have never really liked tumblr as it seems a bit too tired and self-obsessed. I just really miss writing comments and having conversations about current events, especially politics and economics. 

Lost connection

everyone tells me just give it time; there is nothing you can do.
But every idle moment feels like a waste, and with each passing day I become more worried, not less. Tomorrow I will go out looking. It may be futile, but there is little I can do, and I must do something; nothing feels worse than inaction.

fractious thoughts

fractious thoughts